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From Brewing  In The  Jam Room, To  Brewing  At The Jam Room!


In 2010, five long-time friends decided we were going to try

something new, something that we all enjoyed.

Brewing beer of course!

But, brewing beer was no easy process. It took a lot of supplies

and a lot of space. So we repurposed the old Jam Room.....

A room that had been dedicated to many local band practices. 

At first, it was just an excuse for all our families to get together, drink some

good beer, jam to some awesome tunes and make great memories.

We soon realized that we had a knack for brewing 

great-tasting, all-natural beer of all kinds.

So, in October of 2016, we opened our brewery.

And when it came to choosing a name. It only felt natural to

call it after the place where it had all began, the Jam Room. 

Whenever you come to the Jam Room, you will be served

a great tasting beer and enjoy great music in a laid

back atmosphere. Where everyone is family.

Pouring the soundtrack to our lives. We live it, We brew it!


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